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Shoo Flea Natural Tick Repellant

Shoo Flea Natural Tick Repellant



Let dogs be dogs! Our mix of NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS (absolutely no artificial fragrances) will help PREVENT getting new ticks and fleas for worry-free outdoor walks and playdates with your furbabies! ❤

Fluffy Butt is an all-natural petcare line for healthy, happy furbabies (and worry-free pawrents)! ❤ CHEMICAL-FREE. PROUDLY PHILIPPINE MADE.


Reviews of Shoo Flea:

"Really love Shoo Flea! Tava hasn't had any ticks ever since we started using it, and it's the only anti-tick product that really worked for her." -- Jackie and Tava

"I've noticed that my chow isn't scratching as much as before. I make sure to spray Shoo Flea before going out for a walk. He had some bald spots due to constant scratching. Now, fur is starting to grow again and I don't even spray everyday. :)" -- Tin and Bailey

"For our own little test, we took one of our canines, a Chihuahua, to the home of a recently rescued puppy still being treated for tick infestation. The residents reported seeing occasional ticks crawling even in areas the puppy had not been to. Sprayed with Shoo Flea beforehand, our Chihuahua survived the visit with no “hitchhiker” on him. It's interesting to note that while the Chihuahua attracted no ticks, his human companion found two in her clothes!" -- Metro Pets review

"Shoo Flea is doing a good job at keeping the peskies away. Just wanted to share that Milo is a survivor of ehrlichiosis. He had a blood transfusion when he was just around 4 months old :( So we're extra careful about ticks and fleas. So good to know that Shoo Flea will help me sleep a bit better! :-)" -- Eunice, Milo & Zohan

"I always spray [my furbabies] with Shoo Flea every time we go outside to prevent unwanted pests, and I really love the scent!" -- Wheng, Nuggets, Edward & Bella

"Shoo Flea can also be used as a perfume - I like the smell of it. I spray it whenever we go outside to protect them from unwanted pests." -- Hessah, Ember & Ellie

"I use Shoo Flea every time Crunchy goes on a playdate, and we are happy he doesn't get any fleas!" -- Sallie and Crunchy "When people ask what I am wearing, I tell them it's eau de Shoo Flea ;) Almost a month into using this on Scott we put this on a field test. I let Scott play in areas where my friend warned me of fleas and ticks. I was confident enough to let him go and yes it did work. We haven't had any stowaways on our way home." -- Shelby and Scott

"I ran out of Heaven Scent cos I seriously got so addicted to it!! 😂  Sooo I'm now using Shoo Flea as room spray substitute and I also spray some on Chloe every once in a while. My baby got used to their smell already. She feels so relaxed and easily falls asleep after I spray 'em in our house. 💗  so loving your products!" -- Katie and Chloe

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