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100% MCT Virgin Coconut Oil

100% MCT Virgin Coconut Oil

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Fat that makes you thinner? The fat molecules found in pure coconut oil are called “medium chain triglycerides” or MCT which make the fat easier to digest and readily available for use. The body can then use it for immediate energy instead of storing it away for future use as body fat. This means the fat is hardly ever left to circulate in the bloodstream. This special feature of MCT is one of the reasons why they do not end up as fat cells which contribute to weight gain. MCT’s ability to convert into readily usable energy also improves one’s metabolic rate. Calories are used up at an increased rate, and not much is left to be stored as body fat. Coconut oil leaves one more satisfied than other fats. Consumption of food often decreases and hunger is satisfied for an extended amount of time.

How to take It: Mix it with your favorite drink, hot or cold. Just add 1 Tablespoon!

Benefits of MCT

  • Increases metabolism
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Enhances brain function
  • Boosts energy levels 

1 Liter

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