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Primal Organic Energy Drink (12-pack)

Primal Organic Energy Drink (12-pack)



Looking for that boost of energy without the jitters and the synthetic taste? Primal is your organic sports and energy drink loaded with clean antioxidants, electrolytes, and nutrients that grow straight out of the ground. Jumpstart your morning by taking a Primal drink, before your workout or whenever you need a boost during the day!

Primal is a complex blend of Turmeric, Honey, Green Coffee Extract, Pineapple, and six other active power-packed local, natural, organic ingredients. It contains absolutely no refined sugar, artificial flavoring, or added preservatives. Its unique potent blend is what makes this drink stand out from the average sugar-loaded energy drinks.

Pack of 12. Each bottle is 200 ml.

Keep refrigerated. Best to consume within 3 months.

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