Organic Muscovado Raw Cane Sugar

Organic Muscovado Raw Cane Sugar

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Muscovado is pure whole, unrefined, non-centrifugal brown cane sugar, with a strong molasses flavour produced from fresh sugarcane juice. Completely unprocessed and free from any chemicals such as phosphoric acid, formic acid, sulphur dioxide, preservatives, or any flocculation, surfactants,bleaching agents or viscosity modifiers, as it is produced simply by boiling sugarcane juice.

Muscovado sugar has 15 calories per 4 grams (1 tsp). It is nutritionally rich and is jampacked with natural mineral and vitamin content like calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and potassium, when compared to Honey! 

Why buy our MUSCOVADO?

  • Certified Organic assures it’s free from harmful chemicals
  • Lower glycemic index compare to centrifugal and white sugar
  • Higher traces of minerals and vitamins compare to centrifugal, white sugar and honey
  • Better quality vs other muscovado brands
  • All our machineries and equipments are made out of stainless steel
  • Healthier than other sweeteners
  • Following GMP and HACCP in factory assures that our products are safe and in good quality


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