Neem Shampoo Bar

Neem Shampoo Bar

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First and only shampoo bar in the country made out of 100% Neem Aqueous Extract, this bar has been formulated to help strengthen fur. Neem Extract is known to naturally moisturize, deodorize, and detangle fur while keeping those fleas and ticks away. Neem Extract is also known to be a non-toxic antiseptic and anti-bacterial solution. Other Essential Oils were added to help strengthen fur and help reduce shedding due to skin problems, such as Coconut and Tea Tree. Aloe Vera Extract and Madre de Cacao were added for its moisturizing and skin healing components. FDA registered making it safe for humans too! 


100% Neem Aqueous Extract, Aqua, Aloe Vera Extract, Madre de Cacao Extract, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Citronella, and other essential oils


What are the benefits of Neem for my fur-baby?

  • Naturally repels and helps gets rid of ticks and fleas 
  • Naturally moisturizes skin and coat
  • Soothes irritated skin and hot spots
  • Cleans up mange and wounds
  • Naturally deodorizes so no more wet dog smell!

What makes the Fetch! Neem Pet Care System so special?

Neem has a natural compound that disrupts the eating, mating & moulting of fleas, ticks, mites & bugs. 100% Neem Extract is the main base of our products. It's so pure that it still has its natural light green color! Other pet products use as a standard shampoo base, then add neem or other plant oils, powders & extracts to the mix which doesn’t make it as effective. The Neem extraction process and base formulation won the silver medal at the 25th Salon International des Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland.

Some feedback from our customers:

“ We just discovered a new product that we absolutely adore--- Fetch Philippine’s Neem Rinse! ❤ ❤ ❤ We don’t really mind that mom sprays us a couple of times a day, in between baths, because it deodorizes us (not that we have B.O.! ) and freshens our coat. It helps keep away those pesky bugs too!”

- Dimsum and Snow the Pomeranians (Social Media Pet Celebrities @dimsum.snow.pom)

“Our Duchess sleeps soundly every night, now that her bed is clean and bug free! We love that it has a very light scent and even after a week, her bed doesn’t have that ‘doggy smell’.”

 - Duchess the Poodle of @gilcuerva (Gil Cuerva, My Love from the Stars leading actor/ GMA talent)

"Muffin is a Shih Tzu and Yorkie mix while Pepper is a Shih Tzu. They really smell good ang tagal before they get that doggy smell! Also after using your products for some time we actually stopped giving them their monthly oral tick and flea preventive meds... they stopped getting fleas na. :)"

- Claudine Ng

"Finally found a PH-balanced shampoo formulated for dogs that's made with 100% Neem Extract. It helps keep Paolo's coat soft, clean and smelling fresh for the next 15 days! 

- @warnerdavid

“…my Bailey just loves the smell of his new shampoo and the rinse and cleaner also. Their scent smells so relaxing. Love it! Thanks again!”

- Grace Go Aldeguer

"I wanted to say your shampoo smells really good and not overpowering. Our 3 dogs have fluffier and softer hair too compared to when we were using a different brand."

- Aileen De La Paz-Cabading

I’m still very fluffy and bango even after a full night of being outside and walking!”

- Liam the Husky

"We learned something new and we're sharing it with you! Did you know that @fetchphilippines Neem Spray can double as a hand sanitizer? It's safe to use since it's FDA-approved and non-drying because of the aloe vera! Not a sponsored post, we just like to share it with you because we love products that multi-task! 

- @aspin_puspin_a_win

"I was so happy when I visited him last Saturday! :) super soft fur, no smell even if he hasn't taken a bath in days, and almost tick-free! Thank you for this amazing product! :) :) :)"

- Lea Bondoc Junio

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