Traydor x 4 Hot Sauce Four-Pack

Traydor x 4 Hot Sauce Four-Pack



The mark of a real traydor is they always leave you wanting more! 

Four traitors, four flavors. Each with a unique profile and kick, made in small batches out of local and natural ingredients.

Meet Mata Hari, Damaso, Judas & Brutus. Famous traitors that inspired this unique line of hot sauces that will charm you into lowering your defenses with deceptively sweet ingredients and aromatic flavors like mangoes, pineapples, coconut water, rhum, green apples and so much more. And just when you’re reveling in their sweet taste and spellbinding scent, you’ll be treated to the lethal kick of siling labuyo (wild chilli).

Best to consume within: 6 months if refrigerated / 3 months if unrefrigerated

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