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Herbal Toothpaste

Herbal Toothpaste



Red Seal Herbal Fresh Toothpaste 

A toothpaste with a fresh mint flavour to clean teeth and freshen breath. Especially popular with children because of its mild, fresh taste. Contains 11 herbal extracts and oils renowned for their cleansing, astringent, anti-microbial action and keeping gums healthy. Contains chlorophyll, a natural deodoriser, to help alkalanise the mouth and prevent plaque buildup. Contains and and Calcium Carbonate for cleaner, whiter teeth.

  • Contains natural herb extracts and oils.
  • Fights plaque and decay.
  • Helps protect gums.
  • Natural anti-bacterial and alkalising action.
  • No added fluoride. Excess fluoride may cause chalky white patches on the teeth giving a mottled appearance.
  • Mild minty taste and menthol extracts.
  • Suitable for the whole family.
  • No parabens, no colors. 
  • No tricoslan, peroxide, potassium nitrates, or strontium chloride.

Ingredients: Calcium carbonate. Purified water. Sorbitol. Glycerin. Sodium lauryl sulphate. Silica. Mineral oil. Cellulose gum. Magnesium aluminium silicate. Eucalyptus oil. Menthol. Herbal extracts. Sodium Saccharin. Peppermint oil. Aniseed oil. Totarol.  Chlorophyll.

110 grams

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