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Fresh Face Mist Toner

Fresh Face Mist Toner

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Part lightweight day toner, part makeup primer and part botanical facial mist. Also doubles in keeping your make up in the best shape possible to get you through the day.

Lavender Face infusion is specifically designed for hydration and deals with excess oil. The hint of orange citrus will keep you energized and refreshed throughout the day. Energizing / Refreshing.

Rose Fresh Face infusion is specifically designed for hydration of dry skin. Soothes skin and an additional calming effect to keep your skin soft and fresh throughout the day. Soothing / Calming.

*Fresh Face must be refrigerated since it is one of our fresh products. 

INGREDIENTS: Rose Water. Glycerin. Lavender & Orange Oil / Rose Oil. Witch Hazel.

100ml  /  4foz

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