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Facial Botanical Serum

Facial Botanical Serum

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Facial Oil Botanical Serums are concentrated oil based serums that deliver active ingredients into the skin most efficiently. Contrary to popular belief, applying oil onto the face does not clog pores making the skin oilier. Facial skin actually overproduces oil to compensate for the lack of moisture, which means that even if your skin is dehydrated, it is still producing oil. Facial Oil Serum works by providing moisture for dehydrated skin, fighting breakouts, boosting radiance, relieving discoloration, and delivering vitamins and antioxidants that fight damage caused by UV rays and acne-causing bacteria.

Drop 2-3 drops of Herb Facial Serum onto your hands and gently massage onto face and neck in an upward stroke. Oil based facial serums are high in concentration, so you do not need a lot. Less is more!



Our Normal / Combincation Herb Facial Serum is a highly nutritive, balancing and beautiful blend of precious oils for quality skin nourishment and improves elasticity.  Beneficial for normal and combination skin types. Combination meaning, oily, acne, dry and sensitive. Excellent for all skin types. Works as a day or night, or day and night serum. Can also substitute for your moisturizer. 

INGREDIENTS: Sweet Almond Oil. Grapeseed Oil. Vitamin E Oil. Lavender Essential Oil. Lavender Buds.  



A natural blend of botanical oils specifically targeting oily and acne prone skin. Deeply nourishing with antioxidant properties. Excellent for oily and acne prone skin.

INGREDIENTS: Sweet Almond Oil. Grapeseed Oil. Vitamin E Oil. Tea Tree Oil. Peppermint Oil. Sandalwood. Lavender.


A special blend of natural oils to combat dehydrated and sensitive skin prone to redness, rashes, etc. Lightweight moisturizer that forms a natural lipid barrier to lock moisture in and protect against dryness and heat in the environment. Excellent for sensitive and dry skin.

INGREDIENTS: Sweet Almond Oil. Grapeseed Oil. Vitamin E Oil. Rose Oil. Jasmine Oil. Sandalwood. Lavender Oil. Lavender Buds. Jasmine Buds.

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