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Tunisian Jasmine Lime Hand Cream

Tunisian Jasmine Lime Hand Cream

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Tunisian Jasmine Lime Super Hydrating Hand Cream with Moisturizing Coconut Water

Limes, jasmine and lush orange flowers bloom in this fresh, bright, magical scent that is wearable all year. An intoxicating aura for the most fearless and adventurous free spirits.

Smell incredible with our nourishing and anti-oxidant rich ingredients. Our Natural Hand Creams help fight signs of aging while adding deep moisture and protection. Made with nature's best moisturizers - shea butter, almond oil and safflower oil - Pacifica's paraben-free Hand Cream is a skin must-have. Now available in tubes in our best-selling fragrances, making them easy to take with you anywhere.


"I would purchase this product again and again! Love this fresh clean scent of Jasmine and the scent of lime is so refreshing!!!

- Jamie

"I fell in love with this fragrance about 2 months ago. I wear the fragrance everyday and my perfume is almost gone. Today i picked up a small tube of hand cream and i love the way it makes my hands feel. I LOVE THIS SCENT SO MUCH!!!!"

- Domiraej

2.25 oz

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