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Aztec Xocolatl Ice Cream

Aztec Xocolatl Ice Cream



Belgian chocolate, cinnamon, chipotle chilies, agave tequila, ground dark chocolate, cocoa nibs. Xocolatl, is the Nahuatl (Aztec language) word for chocolate. The old world Aztec flavors of raw cocoa beans, chiles, and agave set the foundation for this flavor. The Aztecs believed chiles and cocoa beans to be gifts from the gods that provided energy, balance, better circulation, feelings of love, and sexual vigor. 


Did you know that UHT process or rapidly heating milk denatures the proteins, killing off enzymes that make it harder to digest? 

Chef Cuit Kaufman is a passionate advocate for real food. He starts with non-UHT fresh milk from local dairy farms. Plus 🍨 High quality ingredients 👍LESS refined sugar 🍀NO artificial flavors or colors

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