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Organic Coconut Oil Beauty Serum

Organic Coconut Oil Beauty Serum



Raw Beauty’s after-bath serum is a mixture of VCO and a special blend of essential oils that help calm the senses and leave your skin smelling wonderful. Use it as nighttime face & body moisturizer, deep hair conditioner, shaving oil, eyelash/eyebrow growth serum, eye cream substitute, anti-frizz serum, makeup remover, after-sun lotion, massage oil and so much more. Apply it at night before going to bed and experience silky-smooth, radiant skin all over.

Raw Beauty's after-bath serum contains its cold-processed (centrifuged) virgin coconut oil jam-packed with high levels of MCT fatty acids, lauric acid and vitamin E that are extremely beneficial for the skin. It is light, non-greasy and effectively hydrates and nourishes the skin that actual results can be experienced overnight.

With this serum, one bottle is all you need to cover all your bases. Guaranteed all-good, all-natural beauty oil made from the purest and rawest certified-organic VCO. 

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