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Why go natural?



26       Seconds is all it takes for chemicals in beauty and household products to enter your bloodstream
12       Average number of beauty products used by women every day
500+   Average number of chemicals in those products
13+     Average number of hormone-altering chemicals from beauty products in the bodies of teenage girls
200+   Number of synthetic chemicals in the blood of newborn babies
5          Pounds of chemicals that we absorb each year from beauty and household products
We believe being your best self means taking care of yourself inside and out. Wellness begins from within. That means eating honest, wholesome food and using safe, clean products -- without all the poisonous stuff that weigh our systems down. Our skin is our body’s largest organ after all. Let's pay attention to what we put on it! 

Just because it says "organic" or "natural" on the label doesn't mean it's good for you. We've got you covered -- all LOCOCO products are free from these nasties! 

NO   GMOs or pesticides
NO   Gluten
NO   SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate)
NO   Parabens
NO   Petroleum
NO   Formaldehyde
NO   Mineral Oil
NO   Chemical Fragrances or Phtalates
NO   Acetone
NO   Artificial dyes
NO   Lead
NO   Artificial preservatives
NO   Chemicals you can't pronounce!



Methylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben are antifungal agents and preservatives frequently added to cosmetics to extend shelf life. These harmful chemicals have been linked to breast cancer, reproductive issues, early onset of puberty, male infertility, reduced testosterone and sperm count. Traces of parabens have been found in breast tumors and cancerous cells.

Parabens mimick estrogen and can be stored in the body, resulting in a cumulative effect that poisons the body over time. Think about all the products you use repetitively on a daily basis and at multiple times per day - deodorants, lotions, body washes, shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, toners, perfumes, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, powder, foundation, hair styling products, and so on -- all usually formulated with parabens. Particularly vulnerable are pregnant women, babies and young adults. 


Did you know there can be up to 500 chemicals hiding behind the words “fragrance” and "parfum"? Used in everything from household cleaners to laundry detergent to air fresheners to food packaging to hair sprays and cosmetics, it's almost impossible to avoid them entirely. 

Phtalates have been linked with asthma, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, breast cancer, obesity, type II diabetes, low IQ, neurodevelopmental issues, behavioral issues, autism spectrum disorders, endocrine disruption, altered reproductive development, male fertility issues and male genital birth defects. 


Do you have dry skin, dandruff, an itchy scalp, swollen skin, split or fuzzy hair, dermatitis, stinging eyes, mouth sores or PMS? Evil twins Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate could be the culprits! These emulsifiers and foamers are common ingredients in shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, liquid soap, detergent, body wash, makeup, mouthwash, moisturizers and household cleaners.

Sulfates are are actually pesticides and can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea when ingested. These chemicals have high skin penetration even at low concentrations. They have been linked with skin, hair, tissue corrosion and eye irritation, causing cataracts in adults and poor eye development in children. Sulfates are typically contaminated with dioxane, a carcinogen that causes organ and neural toxicity, impaired fertility, hormone imbalances, endocrine disruption, and cellular mutations. If that's not bad enough, sulfates are also a major cause of water pollution, poisoning our tap water and killing fish and sea life. 

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