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About Us

At LOCOCO, we go loco over everything natural, local and good for you! Our goal is to bring together the best products for a natural lifestyle that is fun, fuss-free, easy, simple and affordable. If you're looking for non-toxic, healthy, wholesome, sustainable, ethically-produced food, beauty, home, baby, pet, and wellness products-- you've come to the right place!

It's tough being natural in the modern world. We're not health fiends by any means. We go crazy about the latest beauty trends, we indulge in the hottest new products, and boy, do we love our dose of comfort food now and then. It wasn't a good day when we found out out that a lot of our favorite brands and go-to products contain nasty stuff that make us sick-- or even make us look older! Truth: our bodies absorb around 5 pounds of poisonous chemicals each year by using conventional home and beauty products daily. Now that's scary.

The good news is it's never been easier to live naturally. We've searched high and low for partner-producers that care about our wellbeing as much as we do. These brands make sure their ingredients and practices are safe in the long-term, don't harm the environment and give back to the community. When we use these products, we're not only making ourselves healthy and happy, we're connecting with others too. What could be better?

We're all about feeling good, positive, radiant, and brimming with energy. Being and looking our best means taking care of ourselves inside and out. That means eating honest, wholesome food and using safe, clean products--without all the toxic baggage that weigh our systems down.  

Healthy doesn't mean boring or expensive! Our products are affordable and can outperform conventional brands. Best of all, they're designed to bring joy and nourishment to body, mind and spirit-- and that's the best investment you can make. So ditch the guilt, indulge and enjoy. And remember to share the love with your family, friends and fur-babies! ♥️

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