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Summer Farms

Where we're from, it's always summer. For us, there's nothing better than living on a tropical island, and nothing says summer more than the lush, vibrant flavors of fresh fruit and the abundance of freshly picked vegetables. Savoring this season is a way of life for us, and we want to share it with you. So we’ve decided to harvest summer and bring it straight to you in bottles of deliciously refreshing juice, alongside sweet, warm, and satisfying jams.

Summer Farms Gourmet Tropical Jams and Cold Pressed Juices are as bright as a sunny day, both gleaming with the glow of fresh, ripe tropical fruits and vegetables. From homemade recipes to perfected juicing techniques, each of our products is a healthful addition to start up your day while giving your body all the vitamins that it needs!

Summer Farms is a brand extension of Natural Health.


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