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100% Filipino-owned and produced in the Philippines. The Milagro Solution was developed from a Filipino home remedy into a powerful, versatile, food-grade solution made from the sap of the banana plant stem, developed and produced in the Philippines. Tests show that it can safely kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria and has the potential for countless household, commercial and industrial applications. 

The Milagro Solution is being marketed in Asia as a cost-effective household and commercial disinfectant, to replace chemical and alcohol based hand sanitizers, Lysol, and bleach. Eco-conscious and budget conscious restaurants, hotels, meat and fish processing plants, pig and poultry farms, are using Milagro to sanitize and remove foul odours, indoors and out. 

A group in Davao, Philippines is currently engaged in R&D on the efficacy of Milagro Solution to treat banana plant diseases. So far bacteria-based diseases are easily neutralized by Milagro Solution treatment, and has been moderately effective in treating the more destructive fungus-based diseases. This same group has also found that the use of Milagro Solution is an excellent promoter of plant growth and health. 

Most recently a Metro Manila college campus will replace chlorine dioxide with the Milagro Solution to disinfect wastewater and pass the Philippine Government’s Environment Department threshold for coliform/fecal coliform count. Milagro is also used as the active ingredient in a line of organic, eco-friendly household cleaning, pet, and body care products, as well as alkalized drinking water, for a company in Australia.

The Milagro Solution is a product currently marketed and manufactured (and trade marked) in the Philippines, by Naturafonti Inc. His daughter, Caroline Mangosing, is based in Toronto. Milagro Solution Canada aims to start-up the manufacturing, operations, and future research and development in Southern Ontario where we can better develop infrastructure for global expansion. In the Philippines, the company’s capacity is limited by government corruption and bureaucracy, lack of infrastructure and a lack of development supports and therefore cannot come close to utilizing the potential of this remarkable solution. 

We believe that as we work toward our goals, we will also impact technological,
political, legal, and economic conditions for environmental and social solutions that will lead to our vision of a clean and green future.
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