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Jarful of Goodness

All-natural, parabens-free bath and body products, handcrafted in small batches with a dollop of goodness and love.

Message from the Founder:

"My decision to switch to clean products started when I gave birth to my daughter. My daughter had eczema when she was only a month-old. Her rashes and skin blisters worried me to death. We were told to use a topical ointment with steroids. We didn't want to continue using medication so we made changes to our lifestyle. After reading up on clean living, my husband and I became more conscious of the products we buy and use. My husband's job as country director in a medical and wellness company inspired us to strive for a clean and healthy lifestyle. We switched to organic food, bath & body products, even detergent.

I started making organic, all-natural products that I could whip up in my kitchen. I love creating honest, simple products, and I love creating things with my hands. It is one of my love languages, so to speak.

Each Jarful of Goodness product is made with all the love and goodness and benefits of all-natural, organic ingredients. This is what the brand advocates - back-to-basics, clean products that are kinder to the skin. We invest a lot of time in developing and testing each product, and we give a lot of thought to the ingredients that go into each. We take extra care for our products to live up to our standards and produce them in small batches to ensure their quality.

Jarful of Goodness is perfect for women, men and children who want to switch to clean, green products. Women who are serious about their skin care routine and know the dangers of using parabens. Moms and young professionals who love themselves, their kids, their family, don't feel guilty about self-care and want to provide the best for them!"

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