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Fluffy Butt

Fluffy Butt is an all-natural pet care line for healthy, happy furbabies (and worry-free pawrents)! 


"I really like your Shoo Flea, my furbabies are now tick and flea free. They also love Coco Loco. They won't stop licking the bottle. I'll definitely purchase again. Thank you! <3" -- Danielle & Chokie!"

"Really love Shoo Flea! She hasn't had any ticks ever since we started using it, and it's the only anti-tick product that really worked for her" --Jackie & Tava 

"We were quite sad & frustrated about Bingo's skin condition from food allergies for 2 years. Luckily, we found you ?  After 2 months of using Coco Loco as a pre-bath conditioner and food additive, look at the improvement in his fur! Now we see the brown layer of his fur which means there is growth in his bald spot along his spine! The fur in his bald spot also feels so smooth compared to before which was hard & rough." -- Joycie, Bingo & Teddy

"It has been a week since Leni used Coco Loco and Shoo Flea. Every time Leni would eat her food with Coco Loco, she can't resist it. :) It has a really good smell that makes me hungry too. Hihi. Shoo Flea makes Leni more active and energetic whenever she plays outdoors. Thank you, Fluffy Butt. I just love you guys. Hihi. ?" --Yanna & Leni

"We love your products. All of them. I've been adding Coco Loco in Ember's food, and she loves it. It gives her fur a shiny look. Shoo Flea can also be used as a perfume for them - I like the smell of it. I spray it whenever we go outside to protect them from unwanted pests. The Heaven Scent is a must. ? I spray 2 pumps of it in my room, and it's relaxing. It lasted up to 2 hours. ? Thank you so much ❤" --Hessah, Ember, and Ellie

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