Cold Brew Specialty Coffee

Cold Brew Specialty Coffee



Don't you hate it when coffee tastes overly bitter or acidic? If you like your coffee smooth and almost sweet, there's only one solution-- cold brew coffee. You don't need the ninja-level skills of a trained barista, Type A does all the work for you. Type A Cold Brew is a strong, premium coffee concentrate, done through a slow infusion (no heat) that extracts all the flavor and all the caffeine, but none of the acidic compounds that make coffee taste bitter and sour. The beans are single-origin, traceable beans from our network of specialty coffee farmers all over the world.

This is the specialty coffee for busy, health-conscious folks. Everyone deserves an amazing cup of joe every morning, but, really, who has the time? Cold brewed coffee can be served iced or piping hot--in 15 seconds flat. So you can hit the snooze button for 15 more minutes.

To serve cold: Pour 1 part cold brew into low glass with ice (using the markers on the bottle). Dilute with equal parts water (still or sparking), milk, or even try with orange juice. 

Keeps in the refrigerator for up to 4 weeks.  200 ml makes 4 servings.

This product ships out on Wednesdays.

"I'm a cold brew convert. I prefer mine on the rocks around 11am for a late morning pick-me-up. Just one glass keeps me up and on for the rest of the day! I usually have several cups of coffee with milk and sugar throughout the day, but Type A is smooth enough that I don't need to add any sugar or milk--so there's no sugar crash mid-afternoon. This is a must on weekdays!" -- K

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