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Black Rose Botanicals

Black Rose Botanicals started when its founder began selling aromatherapy candles in 2000. Today, the company focuses on bringing you the best natural personal care, wellness and home products. 

Everything is freshly made by hand so you get the best quality products. Natural ingredients are used, taking into consideration your well-being and that of our environment. We immerse ourselves in research and formulating to ensure that all our products are safe and effective. 

We pride ourselves for being:

Free from harmful chemicals 

We use plant-based ingredients that undergo minimal or no processing. We do not use chemicals that typically makes soap harder or bubblier - instead, we do things the old fashioned way: curing our soap longer & using quality ingredients.

Free from synthetic fragrances 

We only use 100% essential oils and plant extracts we make ourselves.

Free from artificial colour 

Our colours come from fresh & dried plant material, clay and naturally occurring minerals.

Paraben free

We understand that many of our customers do not want parabens in their products and we work hard on formulating using paraben-free alternatives.

Vegan Friendly

Black Rose Botanicals cares about your personal preferences. Most of our products have been reformulated and are vegan-friendly.

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