The Good Bar (Shea, Almond & Lavender)

The Good Bar (Shea, Almond & Lavender)



This amazing, non-melt shea butter formula was formulated for kids, and is perfect for adults, too! Our good bar is an all-around beauty balm that moisturizes, heals dry patches, dark marks, soothes irritations such as bites, eczema, dermatitis, and sunburn. Almond and lavender contain antioxidants that help fight skin aging. It's also been tried and tested for travel and won't leak in your suitcase -- so you can take it anywhere from the beach to the gym.

"The Good Bar is great for swimmers like me and my boys.  It makes my skin soft and smooth despite the daily chlorine.  It cured my sons' sunburn when we went to the beach.  My eldest uses it daily to prevent itching.  My students have it applied on their skin especially when getting an insect bite.  It doesn't melt in the car and in luggage so it's great for traveling!"

- Suzette

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