Pink Salt Under Armpit Cleanser

Pink Salt Under Armpit Cleanser

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A favourite! Pink Salt Under Armpit Cleanser is a solid clay based cleanser for your delicate armpits. Will lighten and soften your armpits to touch. The best exfoliator for your underarms as it will keep it looking fresh and smooth at all times. 

Pink Salt Under Armpit Cleanse works by lightening your armpits using natural exfoliants and detoxifying your armpit pores, while cleaning out all the dirt and bacteria that accumulates. When our armpits get clogged, we may get ingrown hairs, pimples may grow or our armpits turn dark. This will not only help prevent clogged armpits, but also get rid of the dead skin that causes dark pigmentation.

Armpit Brightener. Natural Exfoliant.

INGREDIENTS:  Grind Oats. Kaolin Clay. Glycerin. Lemongrass. Jasmine. Lavender. Lavender Buds. Pink Himalayan Salt. Sea Salt. 

65g | 2.1oz 

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