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A Vanilla Story: Pure Organic Vanilla Lifestyle

Vanilla is one of the most coveted natural ingredients in the world -- a highly labor-intensive crop with orchids growing only in a very few places. No wonder the Aztecs offered it as a gift to the gods!

Mr. and Mrs. Vanilla first discovered vanilla when they left the busy city for a slow and simple life in the countryside. They started baking vanilla cookies for their family and friends, but all they found in the market was artificial imitation vanilla flavoring -- a dangerous mixture of synthetic chemicals, eugenol, coal tar, waste paper pulp and coumarin, a blood-thinner and pesticide.

They decided to create The Vanilla Company, supplying 100% pure Vanilla Beans and Extract from farms in Tahiti, Madagascar, French Polynesia, Papua New Guinea and Java and to the country’s top chefs, gourmands, pâtissiers and boulangers.

While living in lush nature, they discovered the magic of natural vanilla. They used it to nourish and protect their skin and to ward off mosquitos and insects, as the Totonac Aztecs did when they first discovered vanilla in Mexico. This led to the creation of a handcrafted, artisanal line of pure vanilla products for the body, home and heart, using only natural, non-toxic ingredients. No artificial colors or scents, no harmful chemicals, no DEET. Wonderful for pregnant moms, kids, babies, even pets!

Natural vanilla is one of the best antioxidants for good health. The light, musky, fruity aroma reduces stress, anxiety and cravings, in contrast to synthetic vanilla which is often overly sweet and strong. It carries warm, round, sweet notes with a mild chocolatey scent of baked cookies and sweet childhood memories. In short, vanilla makes you happy! 

A Vanilla Story

Eau de Vanille


A Vanilla Story

Eco-wooden Vanilla Bears

From ₱399.00 - ₱999.00

A Vanilla Story

Organic Vanilla Lip Scrub


A Vanilla Story

Vanilla Bug-Off Organic Mosquito Repellent


A Vanilla Story

Vanilla Cologne


A Vanilla Story

Vanilla Home Spray


A Vanilla Story

Vanilla Sanitizer


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